BigGame provides your game with necessary technical and consultancy resources for the release of the game, supports and promotes it, focusing on improvements in efficiency.

What is a game production?

Providing game projects with all the necessary resources for the release of a completed game project with further support for it. This includes the optimization of the technical and operational parts of the project team: communication with community managers, marketers, localizers, programmers, artists, game designers, and other employees involved in the project.

Why do we need a producer for the game?

In order to translate a unique idea into reality! Primary responsibilities of the producer include:

• Strategic and operational management of the project;

• Planning, distribution of goals and tasks, supervision of the plan implementation;

• Assigning allocation priorities;

• Analysis of KPI, development of a plan to improve them;

• Management of risks;

• Participation in the development of a plan to promote the game, development of a marketing strategy of the project;

• Motivation of project team members;

• Community development;

• Definition of policies and specific measures for game monetization.

The production of the game is a necessary element in the development of any game project aimed at gaining the attention of a wide audience and monetizing the game.