To optimize game projects BigGame organizes and performs game testing that helps to determine the effectiveness of existent game mechanics, rate user experience, identify bugs and correct other significant game characteristics.

What is a playtest?

Playtest is an example of marketing research aimed to identify the most significant game elements and characteristics in the eyes of your target audience.

Why do game developers need marketing research?

Marketing researches serve to provide clear picture of the market and competitors, their weaknesses and strengths. In addition, this kind of research helps to acquire players, support their interest and assess the potential of game monetization. Thus, marketing research is a really useful tool for promoting game projects.

Why do we need to conduct playtests?

At each stage of the game development the playtest can help to avoid certain errors and show new opportunities for improving the game.
• Pre-production. Conducting playtests at this stage gives a clearer idea of the potential target audience, shows your strategic competitors, and helps to conduct A/B test.
• Alfa. At this stage the most useful data about new prototype can be gathered.
• Beta. Check usability, identify bugs and conduct monetization test. All of that can only be done with the help of real players.
• Soft Launch. After the release of the game, the data that was gathered from playtests alongside with new statistics will help you decide on the further development of the project and produce better content/updates in future.
BigGame team provides an opportunity to conduct playtests for gaming projects of independent developers at each stage of game development to release high-quality, interesting and popular projects.