We will provide development team with required specialists for the gaming project (if needed): game designer, writer, music producer and any other important team member.

Why incomplete team is not that big of a problem?

One of the main tasks that independent developers face is putting together a team that would share the vision of the main ideologist and, at the same time, would be qualified enough to implement chosen idea in practice. Working with specialists of various fields can be unsystematic and chaotic, especially without the clear group leader who would monitor employee productivity.

The combination of experience, talent and support for the vision of the project is quite rare, so BigGameGroup will provide the team with required professionals for the full period of the game development if needed.

How many people can BigGame find for your project?

For cooperation with BigGame team you need to already have at least 70% of specialists, but don't try to look for the first more or less suitable freelancer, we will select you a highly qualified specialist.