Crowdfunding is great, that's why we also support teams of independent developers in organizing and launching campaigns on Kickstarter, as well as taking on their promotion and PR.

The Kickstarter platform, known for its original high-tech projects that collect hundreds of thousands of dollars in a few months or even days, is also an excellent way to present your project to the general public, get feedback and recommendations from your potential target audience.

What it takes for your game to be successful on Kickstarter?

• Bright page with high-quality illustrations and videos describing the game;

• New goals (Stretch Goals) - adding new, higher goals, when the required amount is almost collected (updated content, exclusive content, etc.);

• A realistic project promotion plan (PR strategy);

• Promo, teasers, exclusives and other appealing elements from your game.

The BigGame team provides assistance to their residents in organizing and running a campaign on Kickstarter, and also promotes the project page on the site to achieve their goals in a shorter timeframe